August 2007

  • August 7, 2007
  • Written by Don Campbell

West Nile virus is here. Make sure your employees are well protected with spray containing “deet”. Also, it may be wise to put up a sign at the first tee to spray for bugs and do it on a non-turf area like a cart path. I find most courses supply mosquito spray for their employees.

My Fax number is 306-244-0513. It’s not what was listed on the entry form included in July’s newsletter.

The S.T.A. and, in general, golf clubs across the province have an obligation to Turfgrass Research. Without research we wouldn’t have any of the benefits we as superintendents have today. Jim Ross of the Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre in Olds Alberta does tremendous research work for our benefit, but he struggles with the funding he gets. He speaks to us at our seminars without cost. The S.T.A. needs you at our Research Tournament on Melville August 14th.

Just discovered this in one of my old journals that I’d kept: Turf Managers arrive at work before most people crawl out of bed. This means in order for Superintendents to “shine” at work they must get a good nights sleep. Here are a couple of tips:
• Avoid smoking anything close to bedtime.
• Don’t drink coffee, tea or espresso within six hours of bedtime.
• Avoid eating big greasy and spicy meals before bedtime. It may be a good idea to not eat them at all, but especially before bedtime.
• No booze within three hours of going to bed. A couple of beer may help us fall asleep but it will cause a poorer quality of sleep. This has been medically proven.
• Finally, don’t nap in the late afternoon or evening. Try and do it after lunch (noon) and limit it to 30 minutes or so. It may be a good idea to find a place where you can’t be found!

S.T.A. President Doug Leavins suggested
the Shotgun time change to 11:00am. This was so he didn’t have to get up at 3:00am and start driving to get to the former start time.

John Deere has acquired LESCO which means an expanded portfolio of goods and services that will allow customers to leverage their budget more efficiently. They brought it in to grow the business and will keep the LESCO name. This came from Gregg Breningmeyer, director of sales and marketing for John Deere Golf and Turf One Source.

A worker at a Nova Scotia golf course was on life support after suffering a blow to the head while attempting to repair a golf cart in May. The worker was attempting to remove a spring loaded clutch when it flew off, striking him on the head and cracking his skull. He was wearing a hard hat but was struck underneath the brim according to a report in the Halifax Herald.

Irritating golf habits? Most are related to golf cart use followed by not repairing ball marks on greens and not raking sand traps. Golf carts not following directional signs, driving over thin turf, driving through standing water and parking right up against the green are the main irritating habits related to golf cart use.

It seems our trees all over Canada are being attacked by insects. If it’s not Dutch Elm Disease, it’s Bronze Birch Borer or the bug that is killing many acres of our forests in British Columbia and Alberta. There is another that has surfaced in Southwest Ontario called the Emerald Ash Borer. It came from eastern Asia in 2002 through a shipping crate.

Don’t forget to mention you want a golf cart to use while playing in the Research Tournament. I have to know so I can make an order at a dealer in Melville. Fax me your entry at 306-244-0513. It’s an 11:00am shotgun start!

Congratulations to S.T.A. member and Superintendent Austin Eade
at the Craik and District Golf Course for leading the effort to obtain sanctuary status on his course which is now recognized for Environmental Stewardship by Audubon International. The full Audubon article appears later in this newsletter. This is a very special award and Austin has worked hard to obtain this for himself and his Golf Club. If you ever get a chance, visit Austin Eade and his golf course in Craik Saskatchewan… you will enjoy it!

Most golfers on the PGA Tour now employ mental coaches, individuals who help then think positively, stay focused and remain calm when the pressure is on. The pioneer in this field lives in North Carolina and has worked with a multitude of good players. When Kevin Bloski reads this he’ll want to know this guys name so he too can acquire his services.

Here are the rules for the 2007 S.T.A. Research Tournament August 14th at the Melville Golf Club:
1) Texas Scramble Format.
2) Men play Blue tees, ladies play red tees.
3) Must use 3 tee shots for each player.
4) Once ball is in the hole, the hole is completed.
5) Keep one scorecard per team.
6) Play shot as it lies, others within one club length.
7) No gimmies.
8) Repair ball marks, replace divots and rake traps.
9) Closest to the pin prizes and long drive hole.

Jacobson’s president Dan Wilkinson is eager
to talk about what his company is doing regarding customer confidence. The message Jacobson is trying to communicate… that it’s previous problems in customer service, servicing equipment and filling parts orders have been fixed.

Early’s Farm and Garden Centre, and namely Kevin Bloski, will accept Research Entries as well. His fax number is 306-931-7110.

A big reminder! If you can’t attend the Research Tournament in Melville, please consider making a donation on behalf of your Club or Company and help to support Turfgrass Research. Lance Gay and Katepwa Beach along with some of our Commercial friends did this last year. Whether it’s $75.00 or $200.00, it will be well appreciated and I guarantee you will get your money back through research.

If you plan on staying overnight in Melville
you can make reservations at the Prince William Motor Inn. It’s across the street from the golf club. I hope to see you all in Melville for the 11:00am shotgun start!

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