November 2023

The weather continues to be unusual with well-above normal temperatures in November and little snow cover in most areas.

Despite the snowy driving conditions, we had a good turnout for the Fall Windup at the Royal Regina Golf Club with 52 attending in person and 8 people Zooming. Thanks go out to Lance for organizing the Windup and also being the host. It was a great speaker program. Also thanks to Jason Pick, Greg Moore, Steve Loveday and Jason Steadwell for their presentations.

The Board has elected Lance Wakefield as the incoming president of the STA, congrats! We would like to thank Kyle Kellgren for his years serving as president.

The Windup is a great way to earn CEC’s. Usually 3-5 CEC’s are available each year at this event. You need 15 CEC’s total over 5 years in different categories. We strive to include CEC’s in the different categories to make it easy to avoid writing your pesticide license exam again. Also keep in contact with our Commercial Members Josh Seibel, Keith Bell, and Kevin Bloski, as companies they represent often host webinars throughout the year worth CEC’s as well.

I wish you and your families the best for the upcoming holiday season and hope you have a great winter.

- Doug

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About the STA

  • Saskatchewan's Turfgrass Association, founded in 1979, is a non-profit organization. The S.T.A. was organized by a group of Turfgrass Professionals which has grown to include people from Parks, Golf Courses, Sod Growers, Cities and Commercial Companies.