September 2007

  • September 1, 2007
  • Written by Don Campbell

IN APPRECIATION: To the Melville Golf Club, its members and staff for hosting the 2007 S.T.A. Research Tournament. A big thank you to superintendent Marc Mohart for his help and cooperation. The condition of the golf course was excellent. The food services were great. Thanks to all!

The S.T.A. had a successful Research Tournament in Melville in mid-August. 1st place went to Richard Berg’s Team. Richard and J.J. Fisher picked up Marc Robert and Jason Lingyel from Dakota Dunes near Saskatoon. Berg and Fisher are from Elmwood Golf Club in Swift Current. The Melville Golf Club was awarded the Participation Trophy.

Oakcreek Team headed by Laurie Unruh and Mike Wirz finished in third place despite picking up a couple of rounders in Ken Lintott and Pierre Vezeau and getting in playing condition with some serious training prior to the event. There activity the night before probably contributed to their inability to finish any higher.

I’ve heard great comments about the Canadian Amateur at Doug Campbell’s Riverside Country Club. The competitors loved the golf course and all remarked at how well organized everything was. Riverside members are to be congratulated for a strong effort to have everything run so smoothly.

The golf industry is concerned the real problem with respect to pesticide use may be overlooked, namely a lack of consumer education and compliance with label instructions. Controlled products should only be used by those suitably trained in safe product use and handling. Golf courses in particular should have licensed applicators. The same goes for lawn service companies and those selling pesticides.

It was nice to see Jeff Busch at the Research Tourney in Melville. You may remember Jeff suffered a stroke in 2006. He has made a great recovery and seems no worse for the wear. His team with Chris Messer, Nolan Thompson and Guertin’s Brad Konecsni finished in 2nd place. Jeff is the superintendent for Main Prize in Midale and is a valued S.T.A. member.

Here is a tip when preparing for a tournament or an important event at your golf course. If possible, put your last application of topdressing on seven to ten days before your event. This will allow time for the sand to work into the putting surface so the greens are rolling as smooth as possible.

“State of Fear” written by author Michael Crichton had interesting things to say about the once popular insecticide DDT. He wrote that arguably the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the removal of DDT for control of mosquitoes. DDT was the best insecticide on the market. Despite reviews to the contrary, no other products were as efficient, or as safe. Since the removal of DDT it has been estimated that 30 to 50 million people have died unnecessarily from the effects of malaria. Before the removal of DDT, malaria had become almost a minor illness with only 50,000 deaths per year throughout the world.

I can’t say enough about our Commercial friends for their participation in out events. They have a strong commitment to the Saskatchewan Turfgrass Association and particularly Turfgrass Research. These people are Guertin Equipment (Brad Konecsni, Jim Benoit), Consolidated Turf (Gene Sears, Roy Taylor), Oakcreek (Laurie Unruh, Mike Wirz), Early’s Farm & Garden (Kevin Bloski, Joe Bloski, Ron Dagert), Turf Bred, Club Car (Ron Ward) and Clark’s Supply (Trevor Cox, Fred Graver). Thanks a million guys for your help in providing much needed research dollars and your support of the S.T.A.!

For various reasons some of our members couldn’t attend this years Research Tournament. These include the Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon Golf and Country Club, The Willows Golf and Country Club and the Wascana Country Club. These Clubs made major contributions towards Turfgrass Research. This is really appreciated and these clubs should be commended for their ongoing commitment.

I recently read in our local paper that the Waskesiu Golf Course
was not designed by legendary Canadian golf course architect Stanley Thompson. I hope we find out more about the true designer, J.H. Atkinson. Waskesiu has great character and is a wonderful golfing experience. It would be a shame to do anything to the course that would change this character. I’ll bet Thompson was quick to take credit for the design and did nothing to dispel any talk that he wasn’t the real designer.

Just recently I received my copy of Greenmaster, the C.G.S.A.’s official publication. With almost every issue I find this publication gets better. Of particular interest in this latest issue was an article “Man vs. Machine”. It’s really about the head mechanic at the Toronto Ladies Golf Club. His name is Eddie Konrad and he has devoted 22 years to the equipment technician profession. We as an association should keep his name in mind when it comes time to put on an education seminar. If you are interested, let me know via phone, fax or email.

They tell me S.T.A. member and C.G.S.A. President Terry McNeilly is doing a great job. Terry is the superintendent at the Saskatoon Golf and Country Club. I had the pleasure to work with Terry at the Riverside Country Club in Saskatoon when he first started in the turf industry. He has always worked hard at his chosen profession and this work ethic has carried over to his strong leadership in the C.G.S.A.

I’ve heard from people at the Saskatchewan Golf Association the golf courses hosting S.G.A. events this summer were in great condition. As important is the cooperation they received from the Clubs in hosting the events.

Another Greenmaster article
that caught my interest was on gophers. When I was much, much younger and working at Riverside in Saskatoon one of my tasks was to get rid of the gophers that plagued the golf course. My best day was when I trapped 22, snared 3, drowned out 6 and shot 3 with a 22. Two days later I caught hell for not getting rid of the gophers!

In closing, I want to give a special thank you to Brad Konecsni and Rod Ward
for supplying our Research Tourney with extra carts. This is another example of how our commercial friends support the S.T.A.
Thanks a million guys!

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