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November 2006

November 4, 2006

The S.T.A. had their Fall Board of Directors Meeting in Saskatoon. Among items discussed was the Fall Wind-up. Bob Randquist will be the Seminar speaker. The even zones are up for election, along with the Northern Commercial Director. If you are interested in serving on the S.T.A. board, contact me or S.T.A. President Kevin Bloski.

October 2006

October 11, 2006

Fall is here and for most superintendents it’s not only a difficult time but a very important time of the year. The difficult time is the shortage of labour to do very important work in preparing the golf course or park for the winter months.

September 2006

September 3, 2006

Our Research Tournament at Grant Sawchyn’s North Battleford Golf and Country Club was a big success. Although the turnout wasn’t what we hoped for, all participants had fun and enjoyed a first class golf course.

August 2006

August 7, 2006

Less than three weeks until the Research Tournament in North Battleford at Grant Sawchyn’s golf course. If you want to play a well groomed fun golf course make sure you enter a team. Proceeds will go to Turfgrass research which every golf course in Saskatchewan will benefit from.

July 2006

July 3, 2006

Some 57 years ago I started work at the Riverside Country Club and needless to say, I saw a lot of changes and improvements. Last fall I wrote a history of the Club as I saw it. Long time members who took the time to read it loved it as it brought back many memories. If you have been at your club a long time, consider writing a history. You’ll enjoy it and it will be a worthwhile project.

June 2006

June 7, 2006

Thanks to Howard Fox of the Crystal Lake Golf Club for letting me know that Saskatchewan has updated it’s pruning ban in stopping the spread of Dutch Elm Disease. The ban is now from April 1st to August 31st unless a formal authorization has been obtained.

May 2006

May 4, 2006

Latest injury report: My wife has gone to Vancouver for two weeks which means my legs are getting better or (and more likely) I’m a big pain in the butt and she needs a break. I hope she has fun!

April 2006

April 14, 2006

My Injuries from a fall this winter are slowly healing and I can now move around and walk unaided.  Although rehabilitation will last another 9 months, there is improvement and it feels good to be mobile again.

March 2006

March 3, 2006

It hasn’t been a very good winter for me. In early December I fell in my driveway while pushing snow and severely injured my legs. In short, I snapped the quadricep muscles in each leg. After surgery on both legs, I spent six weeks in leg casts called “Zimmers”. I had a long hospital stay before coming home to learn to walk again. It’s coming but has been a long and painful haul.

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