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As I write this, it is truly winter in our province, cold with a wind.  Also, we have plenty of snow making travel anywhere a real journey.  However our season is over, we can relax a little and gradually prepare for next year.  You can certainly have a rest from member complaints or their constant suggestions about how to maintain a golf course.

Most golf courses are busy putting their golf courses to bed for the winter.  This is a very important exercise and also difficult because almost all superintendents are short-staffed.  Also, it’s time to prepare you equipment for the winter by winterizing it and cleaning it up.  No doubt most of the smaller clubs have already sent their reels and bed knives in to get serviced and sharpened.

The STA’s next event will be the Fall Wind Up and Annual General Meeting on Tuesday November 6th at the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club here in Saskatoon.  We have a very interesting seminar in the morning that will have everyone’s attention.  You will hear more from me in mid-month with an agenda and the bio of the speaker.  Record this date on your calendar.  Make every effort to attend.

The 2013 Research Tournament held at Deer Park Golf Course in Yorkton was successful despite the disappointing entry. The Deer Park Golf Course staff treated us very well and deserve a huge thank you for their kindness. Leo Skaluba looked after all our needs and contributed to the event. Everyone who attended commented on not only the fine facility, but the fine condition of the golf course. All had a good time and lots of fun.

As I start to write this Newsletter, we haven’t received one entry for the Research Tournament to be held in Yorkton at Deer Park Golf Course, Monday August 19th at 8:30 am.  The skins game—separate from the Research Tournament will be August 18 at 3:00 pm.  Register in advance by calling Deer Park Pro Shop at 306-786-1711.

The STA is holding it’s Annual Research Golf Tournament at Deer Park Municipal Golf Course in Yorkton, on Monday August 19th, starting with a shotgun start at 8:30 am. On Sunday, there will be a skins game starting at 3:00 pm.  The players in this event are responsible for their own green fees, carts, and food.

Early June and we finally have some good weather. Golf courses and parks are busy, which will make a lot of the management happy. From what I hear, every venue is in good condition which makes the Turf Management happy and their jobs much easier.

What a rotten spring for golf courses, parks, superintendents, our commercial friends. As I write this it’s snowing and cold. The snow hasn’t left us by a long shot and is slowing all spring work. I imagine it’s taking its toll on summer help who are itching to get that first pay cheque.

Just returned from six weeks in North Carolina and Florida, where it was cold, windy and wet. Despite this, we had a few nice days where temperatures reached about 25 degrees C. We were home one day when Mrs. Campbell came down with a horrendous cold. It was so bad she had to share it with me. We were flat out for over a week.

By the time you receive this Newsletter, the end of this snowy winter will be in sight. There is certainly a lot of snow and if we get a quick melt we are almost guaranteed to have some flooding. To be prepared I would have some pumps on hand to remove excess water.

About the STA

  • Saskatchewan's Turfgrass Association, founded in 1979, is a non-profit organization. The S.T.A. was organized by a group of Turfgrass Professionals which has grown to include people from Parks, Golf Courses, Sod Growers, Cities and Commercial Companies.